CHILDREN (I have been CRB checked for working with children)

As a parent myself, I know only too well that when your child/young person suffers, so do you! I have had considerable success with children so whatever it is that’s troubling you both, call me and lets see what we can do together to sort it out.

Children & young people get stressed and upset just the same as adults. The therapy I use, is a combination of suggestion and the ‘Blowaway Technique’. And, of course, the opportunity to talk about what is bothering them, if they want to.

Suggestion therapy for children and young people is the same as the adult version. I give as many positive suggestions to alleviate the problem as I can.

The ‘Blowaway Technique’ consists of them actually blowing the problem away. It may sound too simple, but in the therapeutic situation, it can work wonders.

Usually one session is all that is needed. This would take up to an hour, depending on the person.

I work with a wide age range from about 3 years to 17.


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