I use two types of hypnotherapy/psychotherapy - Suggestion & Analytical

Suggestion Therapy - is usually a 1 session visit and typically is used for such things as Stopping smoking, Slimming & losing weight, nail biting, exam nerves, confidence building etc. Session length is up to 60 minutes.  Stop Smoking £125 per session all others £85 per session

Analytical Therapy - is a series of sessions and is used to resolve more deep rooted problems such as
Fears & Phobias, Relationship, Anxiety & Sexual problems, Emotional issues, IBS and many others. Session length is up to 60 minutes.  £65 per session

This is a regressive therapy using the lightest hypnosis to go back through your life to find out what is really worrying you. Going through this kind of therapy empowers you and fills you with a new found confidence to live your life your way.

Life Coaching - although this is not actually a form of Hypnotherapy, hypnosis is used to de-stress and relax where needed.  Sessions are used to discuss various aspects of your life that are causing issues or problems at the time, be they personal, family or business/work worries. Telephone sessions and ongoing support are offered on an, as and when required basis (hypnosis is never used on telephone sessions).  Session length is up to 60 minutes.  £65 per session

The type of therapy and the number of sessions needed is dependant upon a number of issues and the
problem needing to be resolved. This is the reason why I offer a completely confidential, no obligation and
FREE initial consultation. This allows us to have a relaxed chat about your issues, for me to explain how the therapy works and for you to see that you are comfortable with me.


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